The Law, Disability & Social Change Project conducts research into current legal and policy issues to help empower people with disabilities to fully achieve their rights and, more generally, to foster and develop inclusive communities. The LDSC Project focuses on listening to, incorporating and respecting the voices of people with disabilities and aims to further the motto “nothing without us”. The LDSC Project team undertakes a variety of projects that feed grounded research and theory into policy development and legal decision-making. Current projects include research on accessibility legislation, consent and capacity, transportation inequality, legal aid, general disability discrimination and more. Our students also publish a monthly summary of the human rights tribunal decisions in Canada relating to disability on this website every summer. The LDSC Project is directed by Professor Laverne Jacobs at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law.

The People


Laverne Jacobs, BA(Hons), LLB, BCL, PhD (she/her) is a Canadian law professor at Windsor Law. She is the founding Director of the Law, Disability & Social Change Project. http://www.uwindsor.ca/ljacobs; Email: DrLavJacobsAdmin@uwindsor.ca 

Affiliated Scholars, Disability Community Members and/or Faculty: 

Tess Sheldon (she/her) is an Assistant Professor at Windsor Law. Email: tess.sheldon@uwindsor.ca

Jijian Voronka (she/her) is an Assistant Professor in the Disability Studies Program at the School of Social Work, University of Windsor
Email: jvoronka@uwindsor.ca

Current Student Researchers:

Ariel Minott (JD Candidate ’24)  at Windsor Law

Florence Kwok (JD Candidate ’24)  at Osgoode Hall Law School

Georgiana Gardner (Dual JD Candidate ’23)  at Windsor Law and Detroit Mercy Law

Katharine Buchan (JD Candidate ’24)  at Lincoln Alexander Law

Kiel Baker (JD Candidate ’24)  at Windsor Law

Earlier Students/Graduates:

Dalal Hjjih (JD Candidate ’22)  at Windsor Law

Nadia Shivratan (JD Candidate ’22)  at Windsor Law

Samantha Rouble (JD Candidate ’22)  at Windsor Law

Roxana Jahani Aval (JD Candidate ‘22) at Windsor Law

Tom Perry (JD Candidate ’22)  at Windsor Law

Lucia Chiara Limanni (JD Candidate ’23)  at Windsor Law

Khandakar Kohinur Akter (LLM Candidate ’21)  

Valeria Kuri (JD/MSW ’21)  at Windsor Law

Deborah Willoughby (JD/MSW ’21)  at Windsor Law

Jhanel Dundas (JD ’21)  at Windsor Law

Rachel Rohr (JD ’20)  at Windsor Law

Ebony Evans (JD ’20)  at Windsor Law

Cynthia Brown (LLM ’19) at Windsor Law

Maggie Shi (JD ’19) at Windsor Law

Ilija Dimeski (JD ’19)  at Windsor Law

Samuel Giblon (JD ’19) at  Windsor Law

Pani Sarkis (JD ’19)  at Windsor Law

Victoria Sorge (JD ’19) at Windsor Law

Horia Tabatabaei Soltani  (JD ’18), Disability Legal Studies Fellow at Windsor Law

Cameron Taylor (JD ’18)  at Windsor Law

Ismail Salih (JD ’18)  at Windsor Law

Shanae Soor (JD ’17) 2016-17 Disability Legal Studies Fellow at Windsor Law

Mattie Marie Eansor Bornais (JD/MSW ’17)  at Windsor Law

Britney De Costa JD/MSW ’16 (LLM ’17), Disability Legal Studies Fellow at Windsor Law

Victoria Cino (JD ’16), ’15-16 Disability Legal Studies Fellow at Windsor Law

Seana Chin (JD ’16) at Windsor Law

Chandima Karunanayaka (JD/MSW ’16), Disability Legal Studies Fellow at Windsor Law

Stephanie Skinner (JD/MSW ’15), ’14-15 Disability Legal Studies Fellow at Windsor Law

Keith Hiatt (PhD) at Berkeley Law. 

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