Using Law to Advocate for Social Change for People with Disabilities

Accessibility Awareness Day, University of Windsor

March 2, 2017

Prof. Laverne Jacobs  & Shanae Soor, Disability Legal Studies Fellow, Windsor Law


Prof Laverne Jacobs and Shanae Soor present their research

How can law be used to achieve equality, access to justice (A2J) and full citizenship for persons with disabilities? Issues experienced in the disability community range from basic needs such as transportation to eliminating the violence to children with disabilities caused by bullying. Legal tools such as human rights codes, the AODA and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms have assisted people with disabilities to a certain point. Yet, advocates need to be aware of their shortcomings. This presentation discusses a strategic tool for advocacy for people with disabilities,  termed the universality of the human condition, which can be useful in accessing justice and bringing about social change for people with disabilities.

Slides for the presentation may be downloaded here.

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