Disability and Law Learning Series

The Law Disability & Social Change Project at Windsor Law will be running a seminar series called the “Disability and Law Learning Series” in October and November 2018.

We welcome you to join us!

The series is open to public and we hope that members of the disability community and their families, friends, and allies will be able to benefit from it. It’s well known that there is a legal maze that surrounds people with disabilities in everyday life. The seminars aim to provide information on a number of salient legal topics affecting people with disabilities through the lifecourse. The seminars will be delivered by law students. The sessions are not designed to provide legal advice.

The series will be held at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare in the Emara Building. They are being held in association with the Beyond Disability Rehabilitation Network.

Please find below the topics and dates, along with links for registering:

1. Tues., October 9 Using Complaint Mechanisms Effectively for Disability-Related Issues

RSVP here: http://attend.com/complaintmechanisms

2. Tues., October 16 Workplace Accommodation (Physical Disabilities, Mental Illness & Addiction)

RSVP here:http://attend.com/workplaceaccommodations

3.   Tues., October 30 Social Assistance and Benefits

RSVP here: http://attend.com/socialassistanceandbenefits

4. Tues., November 13 Disability Equality Law Focus I: Service Animals, Chemical Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Sensitivity (Electro Hypersensitivity)

RSVP here: http://attend.com/disabilityequalitylawfocusone

5. Tues., November 20 Disability Equality Law Focus II:  Migrating to Canada as a PWD & Ontario Works 

RSVP here: http://attend.com/disabilityequalitylawfocustwo


Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare – Address: 1453 Prince Rd, Windsor, ON N9C 3Z4, Canada.

Emara Building. Beside Parking Lot D