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Please join us Monday, March 8 for a discussion with our expert panelists exploring the lived experiences of racialized people with disabilities in Canada. Panelists include: Yat Li (Head of Marketing & Communications at Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility), Sarah Jama (Co-founder, Disability Justice Network of Ontario), Sherron Grant ( Co-founder of Black Families Support Group), and Valeria Kuri (3L JD/MSW

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The Annotated Accessible Canada Act

Click here to go to the first excerpt of the Annotated Accessible Canada Act. This includes federal works and undertakings, and businesses and organizations such as banks, airlines, railways, marine and other interprovincial transportation carriers, the Canadian Forces, parliamentary entities such as the Senate and the House of Commons, and most Crown corporations such as Canada Post. However, the Act

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Statement against Anti-Black & Anti-Indigenous Racism and of Solidarity with Black, Indigenous & People of Colour (BIPOC) [1]

*CONTENT WARNING: discussion of anti-Black racism, ableism, police brutality, murder* Over the last several months we have observed global uprisings and world-wide responses to the rampant and systemic anti-Black racism that is embedded in the fabric of our society.  Black folx have been subject to colonial rule, the transatlantic slave trade, and are still grappling with the ongoing legacy of

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